Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EU trip (Disneyland Paris), Days 5-7

DAY 5-7
This was the big day for children; we were going to the Disneyland Paris to start our four days visit. We left our hotel in the morning; we were about 45 minutes away from the Disneyland. At 8 ‘o clock we were at the reception of Crocket Ranch Disney. We collected our tickets to the Disneyland Park and Disney Studios from here and rushed to the park, as the cottage was to be available at 3’o clock.

There are two parks in Disney Paris, one is called as Disneyland Park and the other one is Disney Studios. Our package included the self-catering cottage at the Ranch and tickets for both the parks. I was amazed to see how beautifully they have setup these properties and no wonder they are en cashing big on their characters, which they developed in several years.

We entered the park and it looked almost the same to me as it was in California. Kids were loving it and running from one place to the other with excitement right after we entered the place. We started off with the Disneyland Park as it has more to offer for younger kids. Having 11, 7 and 3 with us, this was the best choice to start. There were Disney characters all over. Lots of shops on the main New York Street selling different stuff in a beautiful setup.
In the afternoon we came to our cottage to check in and found the place superb. There were two small room, one with queen size bed, the other with a bunk bed for children and an open concept kitchen with sitting area that could be converted into another queen bed.
I can’t really explain how much the kids had during these few days. They rode almost all the rides and saw a number of shows. Iman was able to get her pictures with the famous princesses though she had to stay in the queue with Uncle Wasim for a couple of hours but the excitement did not change during that time. We visited our Ranch’s beautiful pool and had loads of fun. Disney studios was also very exciting. Overall it was a great experience and everyone thoroughly enjoyed this stay. It rained a few times during the day and also at night but we were fully prepared for it with our raincoats etc. It didn’t bother us at all and during the rain we found shorter and fewer lines for the rides. Each day we entered Disney the earliest and left it the latest. This is our way of enjoying whenever we go to such parts.
It was evening when we signed out from the Disney area. We were to go towards Switzerland crossing the whole of France. Night was already falling in; we had a booking at one F1 hotel on the way in a small town. It took us about an hour to reach the hotel. We settled in and went out to find some food for us. The evening was great as we sat out until late night and rain made us go in our room for some well-deserved rest.

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