Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paddle Sajeel Paddle

                   Collecting stuff after the flip

                          Well deserved rest

Place: Khasab - Oman (Musandam)
When: Jan 2011
What for: Kayaking and Fishing
How many: 3 people on 2 kayaks
Days: 2 nights 3 days

First open sea kayak and fishing in the most pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf. It was our friend John who pushed us for this trip and let us test our limits in the very rough sea on our first day, all credit goes to you John. The night out on a secluded beach a few miles from the city was an experience in itself, not to forget the fresh catch of Sherry that we ate in the moonlight out there was a totally out of the world experience.

After the first day of rough sea we found the sea totally calm at sunset and continued like that the next day to give us some piece of mind and we paddled the area, saw the corals, fished around the fjords and had loads of fun.
Wild life we saw included fish, birds and foxes. Overall a great weekend outing and an overnighter to a beautiful location.


  • Slept at Khasab beach after reaching there after midnight.  
  • Launched our kayaks at Khasab Harbour in the morning in very unsettled sea. Waves were giant and it was very windy day. Slowly made progress as the boats taking tourist out to the fjords created even fierce waves to topple us, they just wanted to go by closer to us to see us I guess. 
  • John's line got caught with one such boat and that spun  him around and that became the only flip of the tour. It took us a long time to collect everything and settle on the boats in high winds and waves.
  • We reached a secluded beach after some time and settled there for the day although we had a plan to go further out but the weather forced us to stop there.
  • We left our luggage for drying on the beach and left with lighter kayaks for more fishing. We had no luck, may be owing to the unsettled rough sea so we came back to the beach and erected our tent for the night.
  • We had company of 3 french women and 2 men briefly as they stopped on the beach for lunch on their way back to Khasab.
  • Evening fell in and we collected some wood from close by for bonfire, John took a round in the bay to try his luck for fish. He came back successful with small size Sherry fish good enough for our dinner.
  • After dinner we started fishing from the shore and started to catch fish on regular interval. So we continued doing this until midnight.
  • Night was very nice except my friends snoring that kept me up for the whole night :-)
  • We packed in the morning and after fishing for some time in the bay we paddled back towards the harbor in calm sea. 
  • After unloading extra stuff at the harbor we paddled in the harbor to catch more fish for about an hour.
  • We caught some small size fish about a dozen of them.
  • We packed everything and drove back to UAE.

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